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Serve the blockchain - A more meaningful mining method for the next generation

Low Fees

Find some of the lowest fees of any mining pools, get your profits with having to worry about fees.

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Get the best customer experince with live support with any of your problems.

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Join our growing community with many people joining everyday allowing for higher profits and a better experince.

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We ensure asset security through regular penetration testing and KMS hardware security and commercial-level Anti-DDoS.

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Join one of the top chia mining pools in the industry, get the lowest fees with the fastest payouts!

About Us

At Vinlex Technologies, we strive to provide the best possible experience for our users, which is why we established this project to provide a better mining experience for evreyone. 

  • We ask for a relatively low fee, which we believe is better than the majority of our competitors.
  • We do not save any unneeded personal information and only utilise the information required for pool farming and fee distribution.
  • If you are dissatisfied with our service, you can simply switch to another pool.

 It might take a long time for beginner farmers, especially those who farm alone, to collect their rewards. That is why you join a pool like Vinlex Pool to combine your resources and get the benefits of farming with everyone else.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to replot? Can I use my old plots?

No, you do not have to replot! if you are interested in joining this pool you do not have to construct new K32 or higher portable plots. With old plot format, you can switch between pools like Hpool and Vinlex Pool and Chia Core Pool

How does Vinlex Pool work?

Vinlex Chia pool, like other cryptocurrency pools, are is made up of a collection of users who all farm the same pool key. When one of the farmers in the pool wins a block, everyone in the pool gets a portion of the prize.

Where can I recive support for my issues?

Email us at: or join our discord and recive live updates and support from our community and staff.

Will I have to pay XCH to join Vinlex Pool?

Yes, indeed. To switch pools, you'll need 1 mojo (1 trillionth of an XCH). The mojo is used to complete a transaction on the blockchain using a smart contract. Chia's official faucet: will give you 100 mojos if you don't have any XCH.

What are the pool fees?

The exact fees will be determined, but they will be competitive, meaning they will be lower than or equal to other pools - we are not here to take advantage of you. Your fees will be 0% for the first two weeks just by being in this Discord channel.

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Vinlex Pool

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+1 (647) 697-1543

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